Review – Is It Worth Its Money?

Do you want to improve your copywriting skills? Are you struggling to create content that converts as well as it could be? is the solution! uses artificial intelligence to create the world’s first AI-powered copywriter, which will change how writers write forever. We’ll discuss why AI copywriting is dominating the internet marketing field and at what point it will outperform human writers – If you think it might be a good fit for your needs, give their trial version a try. is one of the only tools on the market dedicated to helping your copywriting efforts. is an AI-powered platform that creates content for you in a matter of minutes. Pros and Cons


  • is well designed and intuitive. In just 30 seconds, you’ll be able to understand it.
  • The AI system generates ideas for you quickly. You can browse and generate ideas fast, based on the outputs.
  • There are many ways bloggers, digital marketers and Facebook or Google ads experts can use
  • With the right process, you can easily create an SEO-optimized blog post for a fraction of the time while doing less than 20% of the work.


  • As it is a new platform, the system can provide some laughable results.
  • will charge you by the word, so be careful not to abuse it too much. Or choose the Pro plan with unlimited words.
  • Some people may see this tool and think they can stop doing any work to create content, but that’s not true.

CONCLUSION is a tool that seems to only come along once in a lifetime. has the potential to change everything about how you generate online content more effectively – offers you the tools, hardware, and AI needed to help you create more interesting content that drives your business. This tool is very innovative and it’s worth your time to start using it before you lose your competitive edge.

What is is an AI-enabled copywriting service that helps you craft compelling messages for your social media channels, website or webshop. is a marketing intelligence platform with tools that allow you to identify what type of content does best, which personality types work best with different audiences, and the words resonate most with specific customer personas. will help you take your copywriting to the next level with strategies tailored specifically for your brand’s voice.

How does it work?

Conversion.AI is powered by a AI bot named Jarvis. Once logged onto the platform, you are welcomed by a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that appropriately has the title “Supercharge Your Copywriting” big and bold at the top.

What is a skill? 

Don’t worry, this is way easier than it seems! A skill is a predefined copywriting structure you can use to build awesome copy for your business using features an array of pre-designed templates that are categorized by utility.
At this time there are 52 different skills or templates available for you to get started with your copywriting adventure. They are:

1. Long-form assistant

The Jarvis AI platform is designed to help you write long-form content such as blog posts, emails, stories and scripts.

2. AIDA Framework

Market your message using the oldest marketing theory in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

3. PSA Framework

Problem-Agitate-Solution.A valuable framework for the creation of new marketing copy.

4. Content improver

Rewrite content from an interesting, creative and engaging perspective to improve its quality.

5. Product description

Convert more leads by writing compelling product descriptions.

6. Blog Post Topic Ideas

Think of new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank high on Google.

7. Blog Post Outline

List-making and outlining is efficient when writing articles in a “Listicle” or “How to” style.

8. Blog Post Intro Paragraph helps writers discover a new way to approach their work by providing the opening paragraph for you.

9. Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

It’s important to finish a blog post by providing your audience with an insightful summary.

10. Creative Story

Write captivating stories to keep your readers engaged.

11. Explain It To a Child

Make your text easier to understand, even for a child!

12. Sentence Expander

Expand a short sentence or few words into a longer, engaging and creative one.

13. Facebook ad headline

Would you like to generate headlines for your Facebook ad that are more likely to get engagement, click-throughs and ultimately sales?

14. Facebook ad primary text

Create compelling copy for your Facebook ads’ “Primary Text” section.

15. Google ads headline

Write best converting copy for the Headlines section of your Google Ads.

16. Google ads description

The “Description” section of Google Ads should have copy that is high converting. Here you can create it.

17. Google My Business – What’s New Post

Update your Google My Business What’s New posts.

18. Google My Business – Event Post

Generate event information for your Google My Business posts.

19. Google My Business – Product Description

Improve your Google My Business by writing high-quality product descriptions.

20. Google My Business – Offer Post

Generate the details of your Google My Business offer posts.

21. Amazon product features (bullets)

Create bullet points to detail the key features and benefits of the product.

22. Amazon product description (paragraph)

Create captivating product descriptions for Amazon listings with

23. Perfect Headline

This template will create headlines for you with the formulas professional copywriters use.

24. Website sub-headline

Convert your website and landing pages with beautifully designed, informative sub-headlines.

25. Photo post Captions

Use to create interesting captions for Instagram posts.

26. Marketing angles

Adding different angles to your marketing can make it more vibrant.

27. Persuasive bullet points

Converts your content into persuasive bullet points for landing pages, emails and more.

28. Video Topic Ideas

Generating topics for your videos is an important step in a successful marketing plan.

29. Video Script Outline

Create a script outline for your video. This is best used for listicle and how to videos.

30. Video Titles

Improve your YouTube ranking by creating captivating titles for your videos.

31. Video Script Hook and Introduction

Create a video intro that will capture your viewers attention and keep them watching.

32. Video Description – YouTube

Create intriguing descriptions for YouTube videos that rank well in search.

33. Review Responder

Write professional and delightful responses to customer reviews.

34. Personalized Cold Emails

Write cold emails that actually get responses.

35. Email Subject Lines

Using compelling email subject lines helps readers open your emails.

36. SEO Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions

Write meta tags for the blog posts that will be SEO optimized to rank well on Google.

37. SEO Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions

Write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions for the homepage that will rank well on Google.

38. SEO Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions

Write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions that rank well on Google for product pages.

39. SEO Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions

Write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions that rank well on Google for company services pages.

40. Company Bio

A compelling profile can help you stand out to future customers.

41. Personal Bio

Create a unique bio that captures interest.

42. Feature to Benefit

Use features of your product to develop clear benefits for customers.

43. Before-After-Bridge Framework

Use the BAB framework to create copy. Before, After, Bridge.

44. Unique Value Propositions

Create a powerful statement that describes the benefit of your offer.

45. Real Estate Listing – Residential

Create an attention-grabbing listing that sells homes quickly.

46. Pinterest Pin Title & Description

Enhance Pinterest pins by writing clear and compelling titles and descriptions.

47. Press Release Title and Intro

Write the opening paragraph of a press release that people will actually want to read.

48. Engaging Questions

Provide your audience with creative questions to increase engagement.

49. Quora Questions

Questions are answered with intelligence.

50. Text Summarizer

Get the main point from a piece of text.

51. Business or Product Name

Generate a catchy name for your business or product.

52. Poll Questions and Multiple Choice Answers

Conduct surveys on your website to get to know your customers and potential customers.
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